How to add music autoplay with Hypster

Hello all, as many have trouble with the installation of Hypster music autoplay, I created this article for more detail step by step
  1. go to
  2. Register to create your account at Hypster, then log in.
  3. click "Create Playlist". 
  4. Fill in name of playlist that we want then select songs. How to select songs via search, can with saluang female name or song title. 
  5. go back to "My Account".
  6. click the image player skin (image of cassette tape) on the right.
  7. Select the type of the widget (it is recommended to choose the "for tumblr/websites").
  8. Select the skin you like. 
  9. Click Configure Settings. On the "Playlist" playlist, select the name that we want to use. 
  10. on the "Autostart", select "Yes" If you want his playlist autoplay. Select "No" if not. 
  11. on "Shuffle Playback" select "Yes" If you like the song played with a random order, select "No" if not.
  12. the friends can also choose the placement of the playlist in the "Placement of the player".
  13. After all of the Setup process is complete, click "Get Code", a copy of its code. 
  14. To Customize Appearance. Look on the left side there is a Description. Paste the code there. 
  15. Save. Completed.